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Stellar Day Kids

Well, welcome back!

I’m talking to myself here. Welcome back to ME. I’ve been gone from this site for quite awhile! A lot has changed since I’ve been gone, including but not limited to the fact that we are NOT homeschooling any longer. Both of our boys go to an amazing private school which we could not be happier with. We have changed our business a lot to include tons of family time, and I started an online magazine called Stellar Day Magazine and it is cruisin’ right along in an amazing way! Go check it out!

I’ve received a breath of fresh air for this space and plan to encourage all the mommies here with any and everything related to motherhood. Stellar Day Magazine is for ALL women and I love that about it so much. It’s not exclusive to anyone, really, and my heart for that space is that it will stay that way. But Stellar Day is growing and this is part of that growth! I decided to open it back up as a space for any and everything related to kids! I have three of them and have a lot to share as I raise them up, and I have a lot to learn from you as well!

So stay tuned here as I share encouragement, resources, fun tips and ideas all that revolve around being a mama! And in the meantime, go check out the magazine. December’s theme is LOVE and it’s a rockin’ issue.

~Jess xo

Stellar Day Kids



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