It’s Ok To Be Bored.

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Tuesdays are the hardest day of the week for me. Like, they seriously just kind of SUCK.

Why? I’ve analyzed over this a lot and I have my own assumptions as to why I think it’s so hard. No matter what I’ve done, tried, changed, or switched up- Tuesdays are just hard for me. No matter what I do, we are both just kind of bored. Rider is at school, Bravery naps, virtually no friends are available. I can’t do anything that is much too exciting because I have the baby and I can’t go far because I have to pick up Rider in three hours. Tuesday is the day that Jason works all day and can’t be home to help. So it ends up either being me, Cruz and Bravery running errands. OR it ends up being me and Cruz at home while Bravery naps. We do school for a bit, but no matter what activities I seem to plan, he always tells me that he’s bored. And it’s not the only day we are home during the week, so I just seriously don’t get it.

We both are just kind of BORED all day.

And you know what? I’m finally at the place where I’m totally ok with that.

I had a girlfriend just recently remind me that it is completely ok for Cruz to be bored. What happens when we are bored? Your mind wanders, your imagination kicks in, you have to think, ponder, wonder, CREATE. You have to be ok with it being quiet. You have to make things happen for yourself. You have to entertain yourself and remember that the world isn’t here to entertain us. To know that mom isn’t always going to run the show and it’s ok to have to search for something to do.

It’s just ok.

So I started this past Tuesday with a different plan in mind. And my plan didn’t go the way I initially thought. So I remembered my friends words, threw “the plan” for the day out the window, and let him just BE. I had a random cardboard box that I told him he could color on if he wanted, and of course he did.

He played most of the morning with that thing as his city, his spaceship, his house, his basket, his volcano. And I just let him be a kid all morning long, allowing boredom to set in so that creativity could burst forth.

It’s ok if they’re bored.

Giving your kids some space to think and create on their own is empowering. It’s helping to set them up for a life full of creating ideas and critically thinking about how to achieve goals. But it’s a discipline as a mama. Allowing there to be some boredom in your home is hard. It was hard for me to just be and to let him just be. But the more I give him space, the more I see his creative side come out.

And there is nothing greater than an amazing and creative kid, who grows into an amazing and creative adult. I mean, aren’t those the people that change the world?

Kindergarten is a time for playing. It’s a time where it’s ok to let a little boredom set in. Let them discover themselves and the world around them. There’s so much to life, they need the freedom to explore it.

Freedom. This feels like freedom.

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