Starbucks Is Our Classroom.

Ok, ok, ok. This isn’t true EVERY day. But it IS true at least one day a week right now! Doing school at Starbucks started as a treat for Cruz, and has now turned into a weekly thing. And I mean, why not?? I pack him a little back pack, we take Rider to pre-school, Jason drops me off at MOPS with the baby, and heads to Starbucks with Cruz to do school! It’s a total blast for him. He gets a good amount of one on one time with dad, gets a tall milk and a cake pop out of it, and works on everything we would work on at home, but in a coffee shop! He feels really big and it’s become a day of the week that we all look forward to.

Plus, it gives me a little break and while I do love working with him at home, I welcome the break too.

I love that we can unconventionally find ways to make school really fun for him. Even in little outings like sitting at Starbucks. Instead of sitting in our home, he gets to sit in a coffee shop with people of all ages, watching, observing, working on manners. He gets to practice ordering his milk and cake pop. He gets to help Jay count the money for the cashier. He gets to have one on one time while he focuses on his work.

For like, two hours max.

And then he gets to go play for the rest of the day, be a kid, be outside, NO HOMEWORK, and love life. It’s awesome. And he is excelling.

I might not have easy days. I might second guess myself all.the.time. But I DO know we are doing the right things for him and for our family. We are all reaping the benefits.

If you’re homeschooling (or even if you’re not!) I challenge you to think outside the box a little bit! If something isn’t working, CHANGE IT. You’re the mom. You can do almost anything you want with a lot of prayer and a little will power. We have the power to change almost anything if we need to, and I don’t know about you, but that empowers me. Making even small changes won’t hurt. Even the smallest change can make things all the better.

So what are you waiting for? Think outside the box and GO FOR IT.

Homeschooling at Starbucks


*I was not compensated for this post. I genuinely love Starbucks.

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