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Have I mentioned lately how much I love Target? Not lately?

Ok, well let me get to it then!

When I started homeschooling, I never in a million years thought that Target would be my go-to place for school supplies. But it absolutely is. I mean, I’ve always loved Target! But once I was actively searching for homeschooling items, my eyes were completely opened to all they have to offer for teachers, homeschoolers and students alike.

Like these flashcards. I found these and several other different topics of flash cards. FOR ONE DOLLAR. So I literally grabbed a handful. And now, they all are in a basket in our homeschooling room and any chance I get, I bring them down. Right now, I mostly use them if my lesson is going awry and I need something different to do that is unplanned. The flashcards usually help redirect us and we have a great time doing them! We have ones for animals, presidents of the United States, math, spelling and more. Total score, if you ask me.

So shop Target you guys! You probably already are, let’s be honest.

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