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We spent the day up north for my middle kid’s birthday today. My plan was to blog about it, what an incredible day it was, and how we are so blessed and lucky to be homeschooling so we can do things like that. And that Rider got to be with his whole family on his whole birthday.

Pretty freaking awesome.

But the truth is, this week has been another hard week. One in which I doubted homeschooling AGAIN, questioned my methods, cried a bit about why we’re doing it, longed for the house to be quiet, and just wished for the days to come to a close quickly so I could rest. Hard. It was hard.

Today was refreshing.

I got home, we bathed the kids, got them into bed and I sat down at the computer. The president of one of the co-ops I’m in, had emailed everyone a bit of encouragement that completely NAILED IT ON THE HEAD for me. And it deeply, DEEPLY encouraged me, refocused me, and reminded me WHY it is that we are doing this.

Isn’t it cool that God knows what we need, when we need it?

So I’m sharing her exact email here with you (with her permission of course!). If you’re homeschooling, may this deeply encourage you like it did me. May it refresh your soul, bring you comfort and remind you that you’re not alone in this. Tomorrow I’ll blog about our day up north. If you want, you can visit my personal blog to check out the birthday tribute I did to him there.

But as for now, THIS:

Dear homeschool mom or dad,

Last week found me revisiting a few favorite quotes from The Journals of Jim Elliot. 

Only three short lines, this entry from October 9, 1949, gave me pause:

               Miraculous, this power God gives to me,

               To deal in holy barter

               With the souls of men.

Seventeen words have rocked my world.

For I know and you know that mothering and fathering and teaching in never-ending 24-hour-shifts demands much responsibility. 

But God gives the power.

To us.

And He trusts us with the nurturing, the training, the holding on and the letting go of our quivers-full.

Every day we invest in the souls of our children while spending time with them. Reading. Cooking. Doing math problems on the sliding glass door because it’s unexpected and fun. 

And the bartering never ends until we Jesus face-to-face.

Yes, this is what miracles are made of. The fact that we are hand-picked to participate with Him in the formation of souls that never die humbles and refreshes my soul.

I pray it refreshes yours, too.

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