Find & Rhyme.

I found this activity on Pinterest and Cruz LOVED it. Oh man he had so much fun! I adjusted this activity a little bit because it’s FREAKING HOT IN ARIZONA RIGHT NOW, and we can’t really go outside for lengthy amounts of time.


I got a stack of paper plates, a sharpie, and I wrote out the core letters like this:

Homeschooling rhyming activities


Then I grabbed an even bigger stack of the same plates, and wrote words that rhymed with these words. Then, I had Cruz pick out of the stack, we would sound out the word together and I would ask him what he thought it rhymed with. We did this activity on our very first day of homeschooling and to my complete surprise, he could read a lot of these words already!

He had a blast reading them, figuring out what they rhymed with, and placing it in the correct pile. In fact, he asked to do it again sometime with harder words! Once it cools off, I definitely want to play this activity and hide the plates outside like the original instructions suggest.

115 degrees is just too darn hot you guys.

Homeschooling rhyming activity


I found this game from No Time For Flashcards, which is a great blog and amazing resource.

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