An Easy Experiment About Rain.

This kid can’t get enough of the weather. Mostly hurricanes, tornados, lighting- anything that destroys stuff, he’s completely interested in! So I thought that it might be interesting, to start explaining to him the hows and why certain weather works the way it does!

I started with rain, which compared to a hurricane is slightly boring, I know. But I figure most all of the natural disasters involve rain sometimes so he’s bound to ask sooner or later.

We read about it a little bit, researched it a little bit, and I found THIS video that we watched that explained why it rains! He actually loved it AND understood it! So then next, I thought it would be fun to do a little project.

I found this project on Pinterest, sorta as a way to give a visual to what happens in the clouds before the rain falls. It’s a good illustration of what happens in the clouds and sheds some light on the water getting heavy in the clouds before it falls. If nothing else, it’s cool to watch and he laughed so hard when I sprayed the shaving cream into the cup. HA.

Here’s what you need:

1 clear cup filled with water
Shaving cream (I used the cheapest men’s shaving cream I could find. Not sure why it was blue, but oh well.)
Food coloring

You take the clear cup filled with water, spray shaving cream on the top so it looks like a cloud, and then drop blue food coloring all over the top of it. The food coloring will sink down into the “cloud”, making it’s way through the shaving cream and will eventually come out the other side in to the water. The blue food coloring in the water will look like rain!

Learning about how rain works

It was a quick activity, minimal mess, it made the point, and it was awesome. He loved it and I actually do think he has a grasp on how rain works. Pretty cool.

Homeschooling rocks, you guys.

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